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Electronic Cigarette FAQs

Welcome to our Electronic Cigarette FAQs page

Although Electronic cigarettes have been available to consumers for a few years now, for many visitors to Electronic Cigarette Direct, they will be a relatively new product. To help answer the many and varied questions visitors have about e-cigarettes, we have compiled this electronic cigarette FAQ section which provides answers to the most common questions.

Below you will find a selection of electronic cigarette FAQs, along with the answers you need. Each time this page is refreshed a new set of FAQs will appear, so if you can’t find what you are looking for just click the page refresh button in your browser, and a new set of FAQs will appear.

The site also contains many articles covering all aspects of electronic cigarettes, which can be found on the homepage, as well as articles on quitting smoking, which are displayed in the stop smoking resources section, accessible from the top menu of all the site pages.

If you need any further advice you can always send us your questions via our contact us form and one of friendly team will be happy to help.


Are E Cigarettes As Good As Cigarettes?

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-15 23:31:59

One burning question, for those considering making the switch from conventional cigarettes to electric cigarettes, is pretty basic but very important - are e cigarettes as good as cigarettes? Well you have to use the term 'good' when referring to traditional cigarettes with a large pinch of salt. Do e cigarettes contain all the toxins and carcinogens that conventional cigarettes do? No, they don’t. E cigarettes only have the nicotine,...  Are E-Cigarettes as Good as Cigarettes - read more here

Use Of Electronic Cigarettes In Public Places

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-15 23:41:54

The use of electronic cigarettes in public places is completely legal, and not bound up in the same troubling issues as the use of tobacco-based cigarettes in public places. There is, of course, seemingly never-ending legislation against the use of conventional cigarettes in public places; as just about every smoker across the world is only too well aware of. But the use of the electronic cigarettes in public places is something you may be...  read more about the Use of Electronic Cigarettes in Public Places

Electric Cigarette Health Concerns Reviewed

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-15 23:34:48

For many smokers, who are currently using electric cigarettes, the recent declarations of electric cigarette health concerns by the FDA, in the US seem ludicrous. They have been using electric cigarettes safely, and without fuss, for years; and the real dangers of smoking tobacco have been repeatedly bashed over their heads. So you would think those in the anti-smoking, pro-health lobby would be delighted that more and more smokers are using...  read more about Electronic Cigarette Health Concerns

Electronic Cigarette Health Warning from FDA | Facts Revealed

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-15 23:36:56

If you are one of the millions who use electronic cigarettes daily as a more pleasant and usable substitute for traditional cigarettes, you might be a little perplexed by the noises coming out of America over the last year. The US Food and Drugs Administration has implemented a ban on imports of e-cigarettes in the USA and issued a warning of potential health problems. For users, this comes as a bit of a surprise, given that e-cigs have been...  read more about Electronic Cigarette Health Warnings

Electronic Cigarette - Are They Bad For Your Health?

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-15 23:35:44

Over the summer of this year, the question of “Electronic cigarette - Are they bad for you?” has raised itself, as a result of actions by the FDA in the US, and speculation over how these innovative products will be regulated here in the UK. Up until recently, it could be said to be self-evident that inhaling a vapour, that was much less noxious than tobacco smoke, was fine. After all, e-cigs contain a liquid based on vegetable...  Electronic Cigarettes Are they bad for you - read more

Do Electronic Cigarettes Give You A Buzz?

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-15 23:33:56

Do electronic cigarettes give you a buzz? Electronic cigarettes give you more than just the one buzz, they give you several buzzes. Electronic cigarettes will have you buzzing all the way through your day, from first thing in the morning when you have your first mug of coffee of the day, through the ride to work, stuck in yet another traffic build up, or caught behind that driver that’s going too slow all the way through to that...  Do Electronic Cigarettes Give You a Buzz - read more here

Are Electronic Cigarettes Addictive

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-15 23:32:19

This is one question that anyone who is thinking of switching to electronic cigarettes is likely to ask. The addictive nature of traditional tobacco cigarettes is all too painfully obvious for them. So, when thinking of substitutes for smoking, it's important to know what the score is – are electronic cigarettes addictive? Well, to answer that question, you really need to take a step back and have a think about what it meant by...  Are Electronic Cigarettes Addictive - read more here

Just How Good Are E Cigs These Days?

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-15 23:40:22

Anyone considering trying e-cigarettes needs to weigh up how good are e cigarettes, and then ask exactly what they are looking for? If you’re thinking of using e cigs as a substitute for your usual tobacco smoking, then e cigs could be a very useful option. E-cigarettes contain a similar proportion of nicotine to usual cigarettes, but have none of the other ‘poisons’ that conventional cigarettes produce when they are lit. So...  How Good Are E-Cigarettes - read more here

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